Biotech Labs are committed to meeting standards in every aspect of business with good laboratory practice.

The dedicated Quality Control Department ensures that all indicators are systematically monitored as well as focusing on continuous improvement.

Information Management System

All information concerning samples and related analyses, including customer specifications and test results, is entered into our Laboratory Information Management System for optimum accuracy and reliability. Samples and results are tracked through every stage so that their status can easily be checked and cross referenced at any time. This system improves laboratory efficiency, ensures data accuracy and allows for quick and consistent reporting. Good Laboratory Practice is vital to our high standards and continuing success.

Our expert technical team ensures that our laboratory equipment is validated and regularly maintained and calibrated for optimum performance. Techniques and procedures for sampling, analysis, validation and control are rigorously controlled for statistical laboratory data. Our Technical Service also provides extensive training for all our lab staff making sure they understand their professional role and responsibilities and continuously improving their technical and analytical skills to the highest standard.

Quality Control

At Bioetech Labs, our primary focus is to provide accurate and diagnostically meaningful test information for better standards and operations process. Test results from every section of the laboratory are routinely monitored for reliability, precision, and accuracy by both internal and external quality control programs. We make every effort to ensure consistent quality throughout. We utilise the latest instrumentation linked with our fully computerized data management system.

Bioetech Labs is dedicated to providing a superior level of service with a high degree of personal and professional attention. Every healthcare professional at Bioetech Labs is committed to the highest quality and excellent service.