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LGD4033 ligandrol


Chemical name: 4-((R)-2-((R)-2,2,2-trifluoro-1-hydroxyethyl)pyrrolidin-1-yl)-2-trifluoroMethyl)benzonitrile

Unit Size
10mg per ml (300mg per bottle)
Molecular weight
Molecular Formula
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>>Mass Spectrum
Unit Quantity
30ml bottle
LGD 4033 may be stored at Room Temperature and out of direct sunlight until the expiration date.


LGD 4033 or Ligandrol is a powerful non-steroidal Selective Androgen Receptor Modulator (SARM). What it does is it binds to the Androgen Receptor that produces steroid-like results without the use of steroids. It is even considered as the closes SARM which is similar to an anabolic steroid when working with strength.

LGD 4033 works exceptionally in treating muscle wasting that is situated with both acute and chronic diseases. It also functions impressively for the treatment of cancer and age-related muscle loss.

Proper Function of LGD 4033

LGD 4033 binds androgen receptors selectively. It works with a person’s bones and muscles actively without affecting both the prostate and the sebaceous glands. Recently, the drug completed a Phase I Multiple Ascending Dose Study that is finalized by healthy volunteers. This drug is highly safe to use. The only thing that a user should be responsible for is by taking only the recommended dosage.

What is the proper way of taking LGD 4033?

A lot of bodybuilders prefer to use LGD 4033 because of how it functions speedily in the training regime. With this, the testosterone is moving the action which is what bodybuilders love. If you have observed how steroids work slowly, LGD 4033 is quite the opposite. Having this drug no longer makes you wait for several months to see the effects since it offers a near-instant enhancement which will surprise you. What’s more is when LGD 4033 is combined with other training supplements to make it faster and more effective.

How much LGD 4033 should you take?

Proper dosage is highly required with this drug. For the right dosage, what you must consider here is the purpose first. If you are an athlete, then you need to take between 5-10mg per day. The cycle to work here lasts for 6-12 weeks in time before turning it off. There are also users who have gained experience with the drug turned to having an additional 1-2mg right after the third and fourth cycle.

The Length of Time to See Expected Results

When talking about results of taking LGD 4033, most commonly, it appears as early as your first week of use. What you will feel first is the difference of your energy level which increases greatly. If you want to gain more of its results, partnering it with a high-calorie meal makes things worthwhile here. Also, when it comes to feeling the drug’s stay in your system, it takes 24-36 hours. During those hours, the level of the drug drops by half and it drops by half again the following day.

What are the benefits of LGD 4033?

When it comes to benefits, LGD 4033 obtains it. It is always wise to take this drug compared to steroids as they are much safer. Some exceptional benefits of this drug are:

  • o It averts cancer cachexia.


Cachexia is common among cancer patients. But not only them since those folks who are suffering from AIDS and kidney ailments also catch cachexia as well. The help of LGD 4033 prevents the occurrence of cachexia.

  • o It prevents osteoporosis.


Osteoporosis makes a lot of people worry. It is because folks who are suffering from it can no longer function properly. Osteoporosis affects the bones which comes out to be weak.

  • o It increases muscle strength.


LGD 4033 prevents muscle loss which is the common cause of osteoporosis. What this drug do is it strengthens the bones and even increases energy level.

  • o It helps with weight loss.


Final Notes

Everyone can take LGD 4033 or which is shortly known as Ligandrol. Men and women who are looking to lose weight and build muscles can effectively find help through this impressive drug. But the drug only works outstandingly when done together with proper diet and regular workout. It is also crucial to be completely responsible for its usage. The right dosage needs to be taken, nothing more nothing less, if you are aiming for fitter results.

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